Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wolff to the Dodgers?

Peter Gammons on Thursday morning went on the A's new radio home, 95.7-The Wolf, and highlighted two ideas:

1) Gammons believes the A's eventually will move to San Jose
2) Many MLB insiders want Lew Wolff to take over the Dodgers and leave the A's behind.

The weird thing is that those two ideas seem to be mutually exclusive.

In other words, if the second idea is true and Commissioner Selig and MLB really do prefer that Wolff leave the A's for Los Angeles, then that really negates Gammons' first idea. Because very few people want the A's to leave Oakland, except for a South Bay boosters and, of course, Wolff himself, who wants to move the team solely so he can increase his real estate holdings in the South Bay.

Wolff's obsession with moving the team has never been about baseball or the fans or in improving the A's bottom line. It's always been a real estate deal, whether it included new undeveloped land in Fremont or increasing the value of land Wolff already owns in San Jose.

Wolff can't turn the Dodgers into a real estate deal, which is probably the biggest reason why he so quickly refuted Gammons by releasing a statement Thursday afternoon denying his interest in the Dodgers.

Wolff to the Dodgers? The vast majority of A's fans would rejoice at seeing Wolff sell the team to someone who actually cares about winning and who is committed to keeping the team in Oakland.

Yet, the L.A. rumors just won't go away. Wolff seems too stubborn right now to take the hint that maybe Selig wants him out of Oakland. To that, we'll say only this: Don't break your pick on this one, Lew. Don't break your pick on this one.

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