Friday, April 1, 2011

Play Ball!

It's Opening Night for our beloved Oakland A's and we can't wait to get to the Coliseum for the mother of all tailgate parties.

What's your favorite A's game memory at the Coliseum?

There are too many to count. We remember the perfect home stand in August 2001, when the A's swept the Yankees and Red Sox on six consecutive sun-kissed summer days.

How about Catfish Hunter's perfect game in 1968? Or Ramon Hernandez's walk-off bunt in the 13th inning of Game 1 of the 2003 ALDS? Rickey breaking Lou Brock's all-time stolen base record in 1991?

Or the A's demolishing the Giants in Games 1 and 2 of the 1989 World Series? Or the greatest defensive play in World Series history, when two throws -- one from Reggie Jackson in right field to second baseman Dick Green, who then threw a strike to Sal Bando -- nabbed Dodgers star Bill Buckner at third, all but sealing Game 5 of the 1974 World Series?

Or how about Mother's Day 2010, when Dallas Braden threw a perfect game?

You get the point. We know your love for the Oakland A's runs deep and is filled with all the rich history that A's ballplayers have given us the past 43 seasons.

Here's to creating even more amazing A's memories tonight. It's Opening Night again in Oakland. And that's a beautiful thing.


Edward Current said...

9/4/2002, bottom of the 9th, Scott Hatteberg at the plate. Nuff said....

Baseball Oakland said...

That's a great Coliseum memory! Like we said, there are too many to count ...

jmmarxradio said...

I like to add the 1981 Divisional playoff series against the Kansas city Royals. 40,002 fans in attendance and some ran off on the field during the final out. Then, the wave started,in 1981.

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