Saturday, April 2, 2011

Thanks for a Great Night, A's Fans!

Opening Night came and went, and though the game itself was a downer with a 6-2 loss, we had an amazing time at the pre-game tailgate that was co-sponsored by Let's Go Oakland, Oaklandish and, yes, Baseball Oakland.

It was a lot of fun hanging out with A's fans and friends, and eating BBQ food, drinking free Linden Street Brewery beer (thanks again, Adam!) and getting a "Stay" T-shirt or pennant or sticker or all three, which were generously donated by Oaklandish.

It was awesome seeing so many local baseball fans fired up to keep the A's in Oakland. Some of our favorite moments Friday night came when fans approached us and said how much the the A's mean to them. A lot of others asked what they could do to pitch in to keep the A's in Oakland.

The passion for the A's from everyone was really inspiring to see.

Thanks again for a great night, A's fans.


themacinator said...

thanks so much to everyone who was involved- definitely the best part of the game!

jmmarxradio said...

I wish I could have been there to see the tail gate and opening night at the Coliseum. See Lewie. Fans want the A's to stay in Oakland.

Stephan said...

Friday night was awesome! It was great to meet so many A's fans wanting the A's to stay in Oakland. The vast majority want the A's in a new stadium in Oakland!

Where's the groundswell for the A's in San Jose?? Where's the rally by pro San Jose fans?? Oh, that's right they're all Giants fans there.

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