Monday, April 12, 2010

Tribune Poll Strongly Favors Keeping A's in Oakland

A readers poll from the Oakland Tribune shows overwhelming support for keeping the A's in Oakland. 74 percent of respondents were against the A's moving, while just 26 percent were in favor.

Let's be clear, the poll was as unscientific as it gets. Yet, it's just one more sign that Oakland and East Bay residents strongly support keeping the A's in Oakland. Somehow, it was fitting that the poll results ran next to a letter to the editor from the event director of the Oakland Running Festival. That event was wildly successful, and it proved that Oakland officials and residents will step up to the plate and more-than-adequately support big events. Like, ahem, a new waterfront ballpark.

But our favorite letter to the editor actually accompanied the strong poll numbers published by the Tribune. It was written by our friend, Jorge Leon. Here it is:


Please don't take our A's away!

As an Oakland A's fan, I would be brokenhearted and would not follow the A's if they were to move. If the team moves, you will erase a great history and tradition here in the city of Oakland, I've been an A's fan since '88.

The only good thing my father gave me was the passion to love my A's. We have potential here to be even greater than we are right now!

Lew Wolff has potential to become a great owner if he would just work with the community and keep the A's in Oakland, but I guess greed for the green plays a lot, too.

I just feel bad for the Haas family. Knowing then that the owner now would be trying to move the team, Walter Haas would've never sold the team for a discount price. No, please don't go: 42 great years! Keep it going. I live and die with my Oakland A's.

Jorge Leon


sidecross said...

The new Twins ball park may be the last one built in a long time; part of the financing was an increase in the sales tax.

Oakland’s sale tax is now 9.75%.

The idea of a new ball park anywhere in California given its unemployment rate and the current State budget is not looking at the facts.

#1ASFANTONE said...

I/we dont want our Oakland Athletics to leave Oakland, California!! I/we would be broken Heart'd, I'm sure as Many Die Hard Fans would be. I have a long history with the A's, since they came to town! My late Mom started taking me to A's Baseball Games since the beginning. At 5 goin on 6 years of age the memories started to stick. I'm 46 now do the math, its all I've known. I have memories of clapping/shouting, "Lets Go A's" .. "Lets Go Oakland" Waving that felt Flag. Memories of that loud BANG! from fireworks everytime one of our players hit a Homerun. Even befor/after the game mom would take me to the Tuttle House Coffee shop on Seminary and E.14th were the player's used to hange out to get autographs. Its not there anymore, but when I drive by there it brings back memories. I have many memories of the A's, Historical or not. I have made many freinds hanging at tailgates. I grew up a few miles from the Colisium. Born and raised in Oakland! I havent stopped representing since, Till this day! Heck, we used to cut school to go to day games. I introduced my Children to the game to carry on the tradition, Even bringing back the Flag to the LF Bleachers, waving it high with PRIDE! Representing my beloved A's. I stopped attending A's games a few years ago becouse of the threat from the new owners trying to take them away... But I realized I cant let em get away with it! So now I'm makin a comback! To represent my Oakland Athletics! Keep'Em in Oakland! The Hass Family sold the team with a Adendom, That the team stay in Oakland. I thought this to be true, I was happy about this. Whatever happin to that loyalty? Please Lew Wolf and Company, Honer this, Be loyal, as many of us our and Keep our/your A's in Oakland. Our team has the last stadium in the MLB league with a multi purpouse stadium/colisium, Why? The Giants have been in the Bay Area For a Decade Longer than The Athletics, They have a New Ball Park and they arent as near successful as our A's! We have 4 World Championships - 6 American Titles - 14 American League Titles while in Oakland!!! Dont you think The A's, us Fans and The City of Oakland Deserve The Same? Build it, and they will come!! "KEEP OUR ATHLETICS IN OAKLAND"

#1ASFANTONE "Wave'Em High" LF Bleacher Fanatic Since 1968

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