Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oakland's Economic Impact Report Released

While I was not able to attend the press conference due to work I am still
nonetheless excited about the prospects presented in the report and look
forward to Saturday's Community Meeting. ( The report
is 75 pages long and I haven't had time to read it all but there are a
couple of things that stand out. One thing is the LOSS of revenue by the
City and the County if the A's leave:

If the A’s Leave City of Oakland / Alameda County
Finally, GG+A studied the economic and fiscal impacts related to the
current baseball operations at the Coliseum. This analysis shows not
only the current financial benefits that the A’s provide today, but
also answers the question “If the A’s leave Oakland, what would the
City and County lose fiscally and economically?”
City of Oakland
The following bar graph shows that if the A’s relocated out of the
Oakland, then the City would immediately lose on an annual basis (a)
885 jobs; (b) $47.1 million in Net Direct Spending; (c) $73.8 million
in Total Output; (d) $29.4 million in Income; and (e) Taxes of

This is why we fight, this is why we have kept pressing on keeping this
team in town. Its not just a part of our community and culture but
important to the economics of the city as well. We care about this town
and want it to have the best available resources and opportunities for

The other thing that stood out was how conservative the estimates are. For
example the people that put this together (Gruen Gruen +Associates) uses
the number of 1.7 million for the amount of fans that would be attending a
new stadium in the JLS area. Yes that number is low, but keep in mind that
having blown up figures of 3 million in attendance will get us nowhere if
those figures aren't met. Its good to plan low and get good results then to overstate and come up short in the money department.

So far I am a big fan of what I am reading so far, I will dive into it some
more and look forward to seeing you all on Saturday!

Read the Report here and Doug Boxers PowerPoint here

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