Sunday, June 2, 2013

Make the Oakland Fan Pledge

Just as it takes a village to raise a child, maybe it also takes a village to save a team we all love. Which is a big reason why we're proud to give our support to Oakland Fan Pledge, a brand new A's fan group and website. [You can find it online at: Their Facebook page is:]

Oakland Fan Pledge, as its name suggests, is asking A's fans to pledge they will buy season tickets for a new A's baseball-only ballpark in Oakland. The group was founded by John Hansen and John Jackson, two die-hard A's fans who say they've been good friends for decades, ever since they met in Oakland as classmates while attending elementary school near Lake Merritt. 

In just a handful of weeks, OFP has received nearly 1,300 pledges, totaling more than $3 million in potential sales (at last count). If you haven't yet, we urge all A's fans to make a pledge and be part of a rising wave of Oakland baseball fans fighting to keep the A's in Oakland.

As Hansen and Jackson wrote on the OFP website:

"We started this website because we wanted to give an outlet to frustrated A's fans who want to have their voice heard in support of the A's ... A's fans are also angry that current owners tell local fans the team has no future in the East Bay ..."

Keep up the great work, John and John. We're confident that this 18-year saga one day will end happily for Oakland and the Athletics. And we look forward to that day when all A's fans can celebrate the A's future in Oakland at a new ballpark on the Oakland waterfront. 

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