Sunday, July 31, 2011

Wolff Calls on McCourt to Sell Dodgers

In a Los Angeles Times article by baseball scribe Bill Shaikin, Lew Wolff has called for Dodgers owner Frank McCourt to stop his lawsuit vs. MLB and to sell the team.

The A's owner mostly was speaking in defense of his old U. of Wisconsin fraternity member, Commissioner Bud Selig, who McCourt has criticized in public comments and in court documents. Here's what Wolff, who lives in Los Angeles, told the Times:

"For anyone to seek to diminish Bud's accomplishments in order to rationalize their own actions is, in my opinion, ludicrous and hugely disingenuous."

A Dodgers spokesman declined to comment on Wolff's words. Wolff added:

"My hope is that the Dodgers will be sold to a party that will restart this great franchise, and that Frank and his family will benefit from a positive sale. But to try and equate or compare what Bud Selig has done with the administration of the current Dodger franchise is unsupportable."

What does that mean for Wolff, who was rumored last off-season to be interested in leaving the A's and buying the Dodgers? Is he trying to make nice with Selig so the commissioner will rule in his favor?

Shaikin must have asked those questions, because he writes:

Wolff said he did not speak out as a way to curry favor with Selig ... and (he) said he had no interest in buying the Dodgers.

But it is interesting timing. Just as it appears that Wolff's goal of moving the A's is stalling, he throws himself right into the thick of the Dodgers mess.

We personally would love to see Wolff and John Fisher sell the A's and buy the Dodgers. On one hand, Wolff keeps denying that he's interested. Then again, he said Bob Geren was doing a "terrific" job ... about two weeks before the A's fired Geren. So, anything is possible, really.

Stay tuned.

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