Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Victory Court EIR is Money Well Spent

Hey, fellow A's fans. Here are some things to consider going into tonight's Oakland City Council meeting where they will vote to approve (or reject) a contract to do an EIR for the Victory Court ballpark site:
  • This contract is for a maximum of $750,000 of REDEVELOPMENT FUNDS, not money from the General Fund.
  • The CEDA Committee last week wisely approved a provision allowing the Oakland Redevelopment Agency to cancel the contract at any time if MLB decides to allow the A's to move to San Jose.
  • Some have said this study will cost $4 to $5 million dollars. This is simply NOT TRUE. The EIR contract is for a maximum of $750,000.
  • This money will be wisely spent, even if a ballpark is never built at Victory Court. The area needs to be revitalized and new development there can retain current jobs and provide new ones even without a new ballpark. So, this is not wasted money, even if no stadium is built.
It is imperative that we encourage the city council to approve this EIR contract tonight. Disapproval in this early stage could have disastrous effects on the longstanding efforts to keep the A's in Oakland. Everyone attending tonight is encouraged to step up and make their voices heard.

Let's go, A's! And keep them in Oakland!

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len said...

If your last point is correct, that EIRs can easily be recycled, then sure go ahead and place your bet with our money.

But if not, your first point misses the point that right or wrong Oakland is continually finding new ways to tap the RDA tax increment funds to cover what normal cities pay out of their general funds. It is not a bottomless bag o'gold, though again, Oakland officials freqently look at it as play money.

-len raphael

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