Saturday, November 6, 2010

Congrats to the Giants

The San Francisco Giants are World Series Champions. We at BaseballOakland want to extend our congratulations for this accomplishment to the team, the owners, and their fans. They all earned this.

The team is a likable group of homegrown young talent, combined with cast-offs and misfits who play as a team and leave their egos up in the seats with the fans. The team kind of reminds me of Oakland.

To the ownership, this is the result of embracing your community, uniting your fan base, and effectively marketing your product. The current A's ownership could learn a lot from them.

The fans? I know what you're thinking: "Those yuppie, hipster, bandwagon jumpers — why do they deserve this?" Well, those types of fans may be over-represented at AT&T Park now, but it wasn’t always like this. There are many Giant fans who tortured through a cold, lonely, Tuesday-night, extra-inning loss at Candlestick in the '70s, '80s and '90s. Those fans earned and deserve this championship and that parade. As former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown said at the start of the series, "Everybody's a baseball expert now, but where were you when the Giants really needed you?" There is still a contingent of fans from that past era who can enjoy a game without having a computer on their lap. As two old friends of mine who are longtime Giant fans, and who attended this series told each other after the Giants won, "We can die happy now."

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sidecross said...

I lived in San Francisco from '66 to '78 before moving to Oakland, and the Giants fans then were what baseball is all about.

I know people who were Giants fans from the time I moved to San Francisco and I have never felt being an Oakland A's fan meant I had to disrespect the Giants.

So I am glad they have their first World Series Win, but they have to have many more to be on par with the Oakland A's.

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