Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bike Oakland

Among the reasons I chose to live in this fine city are Oakland's growing urban core and the fact that it is becoming a hotbed of new transit-oriented development. We believe that keeping the A's here in Oakland, especially closer to the center of town and near transit options, would be a cornerstone for Oakland's ongoing urban renaissance. So, it should come as no surprise that Oakland has had an explosion of biking in the past year, with a reported 18 percent increase of bicycle use as a regular form of transit (myself included.) In fact, Oakland is even developing its own creative bicycle culture. Including organizations such as Oaklavia, the East Bay Bike Party, and Walk Oakland Bike Oakland's "Bike-in Movies," it is astonishing how much the bicycle is transforming Oakland.

Now, how does this relate to the A's? According to the 2010 Oakland Bikeways map image (click here for it), the Victory Court ballpark site is literally SURROUNDED by bike routes. As seen during Eat Real Festival, Art Murmur and even Art and Soul, Oaklanders are preferring to bike to large-scale events, as opposed to using the car. Victory Court is right smack in the center of these events, offering easy bicycle access to most points in Oakland. I currently live in North Oakland and ride my bike for the majority of my inter-Oakland travels. If the A's were to take a cue from the Giants and offer bike valet at the stadium (run by the SFBC), many people would take full advantage of this, offering a greater incentive to go to games and easing traffic by taking cars off the road. Imagine eating brunch at the beautiful Lake Merritt Hotel's Terrace Room and still being able to take in a 1 p.m. afternoon game. Or biking to Beer Revolution and then zipping down 3rd Street afterward for a night game. The bikeability of Oakland would make attending A's games much more fun for fans while allowing a greater opportunity for business growth in Oakland.

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Mr. Hurty said...

I'm very supportive of a downtown baseball stadium, and my selfish reason is that it would be within easy biking distance of my Adam's Point neighborhood.

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