Monday, September 13, 2010

S.F. Giants Now Own S.J. Giants

While the A's were taking two out of three from the Red Sox this weekend, the Giants announced yet another acquisition. Only it wasn't one of their umpteen new outfielders. This time it was an entire organization. The S.F. Giants now own a majority share of the San Jose Giants, their Single A team in the South Bay. Here's an excerpt from the Mercury News article:

Baer denied that the investment is a reaction to efforts by the A's to challenge their territorial rights to Santa Clara County. But if Major League Baseball's ownership overturns those rights and allows the A's to relocate there, the Giants' interest in the San Jose club would provide an additional legal barrier. Minor league clubs must be compensated when they are forced to move.

Baer said the Giants are studying the possibility of investing capital improvements in the city-owned Municipal Stadium, which opened in 1942.

"This is part of our minor league strategy and player development strategy," Baer said. "It's something we'll look at doing with our other minor league franchises. It makes sense to start in San Jose, where we have a 22-year history. San Jose has been a great story for us."

The move is open to debate: Are the Giants merely investing in their overall franchise, or are they looking to protect their territorial rights of Santa Clara County? Or both?

We'll have to see.

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BigD said...

It doesn't matter to me whether it was a self-defense move or not. I'm just happy if it really puts another barrier in Wolff's way.

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