Friday, August 20, 2010

Kaplan Talking Oakland Sports Wednesday at Linden St. Brewery

In case you haven't noticed, the race for the Oakland mayor's office is heating up. As Oakland residents and A's fans, we understand the importance that the Mayor's office will play in deciding the A's future in the coming years.

So, we're more than a little interested in what all 10 of the mayoral candidates have to say. At 8pm next Wednesday (Aug. 25), Rebecca Kaplan will be discussing the future of Oakland's sports teams at Linden Street Brewery, located at 95 Linden Street in Oakland.

Kaplan is an Oakland City Council member and a candidate in the mayor's race, which will be decided on Election Day, this Nov. 2. At Wednesday's event, Kaplan will pitch her ideas for using the retention of the A's and all of Oakland's teams for economic development. While we are not endorsing any candidate at this early stage, we are enthusiastic about this event. Linden Street Brewery is one of our favorite spots, and it's one of Oakland's homegrown business success stories. In addition, we are glad that the A's issue is being discussed in the mayor's race.

We also encourage the other Oakland mayor candidates to hold similar events on this issue that's so near and dear to the hearts of Oakland residents. In the weeks and months leading up to the election, we'll be sure to make space at Baseball Oakland for all of the candidates and their positions.

Until then, we look forward to this event and to the future political leadership that will lead Oakland into the 2010s. For more information, click here. Or go to the Facebook event page here. Look forward to seeing you there!

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Stephanie said...

What time does the sports talk with Rebecca Kaplan begin on Wednesday? It says 8pm here, but there are two different times given on her Facebook and website pages (7 and 7:30pm).

Looking forward to it.

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