Thursday, July 29, 2010

Weird Week Ending, Uncertainty Is Not

So, it's official. Yet, just as uncertain as ever.

San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed has pulled the A's stadium measure off the November ballot. After conferring with Lew Wolff and Bud Selig's buddy, MLB President Bob DuPuy, Reed instead is hoping to get the word from MLB to put the measure on a special March ballot. Selig also pledged to help pay for the $1 million special election. In Oakland, Mayor Ron Dellums & Co. sent a letter to Selig detailing all of the great work the city has done to prepare a waterfront ballpark site near Jack London Square. Unfortunately, Wolff pretends like those sites don't exist.

So, what does it all mean?

That depends on whom you talk to. Media speculation has the A's going to San Jose, or remaining in Oakland, or — much less likely — being contracted by MLB.

Selig has said he won't consider contraction. At the same time, no one ever thought the three-person MLB committee would be "studying" this issue for nearly 17 months with no decision in sight.

Will Selig pay for the special election in March? Or will he finally work with the city of Oakland and reward them for their excellent stadium prep work?

No one knows. In this confusing situation, it's fitting to give the final word to the actor playing Art Howe at the Moneyball filming this week. Click here to get his take.

Stay tuned, Oakland A's fans.

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Steve Bowles said...

Yeah, contraction is pretty much a non-starter. We're talking 50 job losses at the Major League level (two teams have to be contracted), plus a domino effect into the minor leagues. The player's union won't go for any of that.

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