Thursday, May 27, 2010

Play Ball in Oakland

Baseball Oakland talks a lot don't we? We cover stadium issues, A's issues and Oakland issues. But sometimes we like to stop talking about baseball and just get out and play. Fortunately, Oakland is the right town for that! The passion for baseball here in Oakland is tremendous and many people have regular pick-up games at various Oakland parks for not only baseball, but its cousins softball and kick ball, too.

If good old-fashioned hardball is your thing, then check out the website They offer pick up games at various East Bay Parks every Sunday. The location of the park and the starting time are usually updated on Wednesdays. The organizers also keep stats and have a very in-depth forum.

If you prefer softball, Mosswood Park (also home of our favorite vintage baseball team The Oakland Colonels) is where a regular group meets on Sundays around 2pm—or after the Colonels game is finished. While there is no website, I can attest that the atmosphere is relaxed and fun and everybody gets to play.

While kickball is usually considered a kids' game, and a distant cousin of baseball, it is increasing in popularity across Alameda County, and Oakland is no exception. Also located on Mosswood Park on Sundays with games following the previously mentioned softball game, the participants are a colorful group of characters and have put up a Facebook group here.

While this is by no means a comprehensive list of everything that goes ib at our parks here in Oakland, it's good to get out and enjoy the summer weather. What better way to do it then playing baseball (or baseball-related sports) here in the City of Oakland? If Sundays are no good for you than try and get some friends together and take advantage of our historic ball fields (named after Oakland legends such as Curt Flood, Rickey Henderson and Billy Martin) and the amazing East Bay weather and PLAY BALL!

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