Friday, February 5, 2010

Selig's decision coming on Monday?

According to Robert Gammon of the East Bay Express, Bud Selig on Monday will deliver his ruling on the A's situation. This could be the day we've all been waiting for, or a day of dread. Whatever happens, I believe that Oakland officials have done an excellent job and put a very strong foot forward. They have identified two new and very viable ballpark sites, Jack London North and Victory Court, which are very accessible to public transit, including BART, ferry boats, Amtrak and ACE/Capitol Corridor trains.

If Selig gives the green light, the next part of Oakland's process would involve negotiations with the A's, an opportunity that A's owners since 1995 -- first Steve Schott, and then Lew Wolff -- have never given Oakland. After more than nine months of work and communication between the city of Oakland and MLB officials, I believe that Oakland has made a lot more progress than most people think.

I look forward to what happens on Monday and hope for the best ... Lets go, Oakland.

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